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Gardening Flowers: Tips and Tricks

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start planning our gardens! One of our favourite additions to any garden has to be flowers. Although we love them, making sure they love the garden isn’t always simple. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to help keep your garden flowers thriving all summer long!


The first thing to know is when to plant your garden flowers. Some flower markers will tell you how many weeks past the last frost of the season you should plant, but as a general rule 2 weeks past last frost is a good time to start planting your garden. You can call your local government or information service to find out what their predictions for when last frost will be, and use that as a guide. Of course there may be some weather anomalies, but you can never plan for those.


Now that you know when to plant your flowers, it’s important to know where to plant them. This may be the most important step in making sure you have a successful garden this summer. Make sure you know what your flowers need to thrive. You can usually find this information on their marker, but you can always do a quick google search if need be! Once you know what your flowers will need, we recommend planting them nearby other flowers with similar needs. Since you are planting into a garden, flowers that are nearby each other will share the same soil water. For this reason it’s helpful to put the flowers that love water nearby each other and the flowers that prefer more of a dry soil farther away. This just ensures that the flowers that don’t need too much water don’t end up absorbing any extra soil water from their heavy watered neighbours. You will also want to consider the sunlight exposure your plants get depending on the orientation of your garden and any shady spots. Once you have the layout of your plants all figured out, it will be much easier to maintain your garden!


Another aspect to having a perfect flower garden is getting flowers that thrive in your region. Where you live will change what flowers are good for your location. For this reason, we recommend shopping at a local greenhouse and asking which flowers are local to your region! Doing this will ensure that the flowers that you plant are happy with the climate and require less attention throughout the summer.


The last thing you can do to make sure your flowers look great this summer is to do a process called deadheading. This is when you prune your flowers often to remove any flower heads or leaves that are dead. Doing this will not only make your flowers look fresh and overall better, but it actually forces your flowers to produce more new heads. Removing dead or dying flowers really does force the plants to bloom more!


With all these tips and tricks in mind, you are sure to have a beautiful blooming flower garden this summer! Let us know if any of these tips worked for you in the comments.


Keep Thriving,

Plant Vitamins Team

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