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What are the Benefits of Seaweed Fertilizers?

In the era of all things organic and sustainable, plus the perpetual rule of houseplant love and agriculture, seaweed concentrated fertilizers seem to be the holy grail of plant fertilizing. This is not a new invention, however the benefits of seaweed in agriculture have been known for centuries. Of course, this type of fertilizer is used not only in agriculture, but also in houseplant care and lawn maintenance. Did you know, for example, that seaweed concentrated fertilizers are used on professional golf courses and sports fields, too?

Seaweed concentrated fertilizers contain many useful nutrients, more than 60 minerals, vitamins and natural growth hormones. This fertilizer can not only be used on most plants, but it can be used at different times of the plantslife cycle, from seed to produce. Soaking the seeds in the solution, for example, would initiate faster germination, better root development and higher survival rate. This type of fertilizer will make the roots stronger and the plant more resilient. If you apply the solution on the leaves, the nutrient absorption will be increased, and the fertilizer itself will be more efficient. During potting and repotting it can be used as a rooting solution and a soil conditioner, and will help against transplant shock, too. Seaweed concentrated fertilizers will also promote sprouting, producing more flowers, fruits and vegetables, and will extend the shelf life of the produce.

However, in order to achieve the desired results, one must adjust the concentration based on specific needs – if you’re using Plant Vitamins, you can find all the useful information and instructions HERE.

To summarize the benefits of seaweed fertilizers:

  • They are organic, harvested from a sustainable source, and the production doesnt involve anything that would harm the environment

  • They contain minerals like magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, zinc and iron, that are highly beneficial for plants

  • They also contain useful natural hormones, like auxins, betaines and cytokinins that encourage new healthy growth

  • They can be used on almost all plants, from succulents, cacti, and indoor plants, all the way to fruits and vegetables

  • They are beneficial at any stage of the plants life, from seed to produce

  • This fertilizer will improve the quality and quantity of flowers and produce

  • Thanks to this fertilizer, plants will be stronger and more resilient against stress, frost, diseases and pests

  • They can be used as a rooting solution, too, and will help against transplant shock

  • They are also used to improve the soils quality, acting like a soil conditioner and helping the roots to absorb more nutrients from the soil. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to understand further why seaweed based fertilizers are so great for your plants. At Plant Vitamins we live to share our love and passion for plants by helping people feel more comfortable and confident in their plant ownership, so if you have a friend or family member who thinks they cant have live plants please share this with them and help encourage them to add some live plants into their home!

If you have any further question or would like to know more about any one of these points please reach out to or send a DM on Instagram. 

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