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The Ultimate Pothos Plant Guide

Do you have a pothos plant at home or are looking into getting one? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips and care guide to your pothos plant!

Pothos plants are a gorgeous addition to your home whether it be in your home office or even your bathroom! Pothos plants make a perfect plant for beginner plant parents as they enjoy a wide range of environments and can do well in almost any space. They can do well in bright indirect sunlight, as well as low light, and can be grown in a regular dry soil or even a vase of water. Be aware though because they don’t thrive their best when they are in direct sunlight. Another tip to note is that the green parts of the leaves are what can make energy for the rest of the plant when in low light. If your pothos has a lot of sections that are variegated with white, low light may not be as perfect for your plant as originally thought. Your pothos may not grow as well or may end up losing that white variegation. 

Since pothos plants love humidity, the bathroom is usually a nice space for them! That being said, pothos plants can also live nicely in less humid rooms as well. Another way you can house your pothos plant is by taking a small cutting from the mother plant, rooting them in water, and keeping them in a vase! This can be a super cute way to get some greenery into your home without losing too much space! Check out our propagation stands to see how this vase style of plant could work for you!

When it comes to fertilization and repotting pothos plants are just as easy as you would expect! Pothos plants are light feeders, so fertilizer is only needed sparingly every 1-3 months to keep them fresh and looking healthy! As for repotting, take note of your plant's stems. If they start to become droopy, and water is not the problem, this could be a sign that your pothos is rootbound. To check, remove your plant from its pot and assess its roots! If the roots are looking tightly curled or seem very crowded, then it's definitely time to repot your plant! A pot 1-2 inches wider in diameter will do perfectly and make sure to add some fresh new soil.

Those are our top tips for taking care of your pothos plants! If you have any more questions or any tips of your own, comment them below! 

Talk to you next week!

Plant Vitamins Team

Comments (2)

  • Anonymous on Aug 16, 2021

    Great point Jolene – They do make fantastic housewarming gifts!

  • Jolene on Aug 16, 2021

    Pothos tend to grow fairly quickly compared to other houseplants! It’s so satisfying watching them grow from a couple cuttings!! They make the perfect housewarming gifts too.

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