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Share your Houseplant Love this Month

For me, February will forever be the month of love. As a kid I always looked forward to handing out tiny paper valentines at school. As an adult, I celebrate my wedding anniversary at this time of year, and still mail cards out to my loved ones. Even if you’re amongst those who feel that Valentine’s Day has become way over commercialized--trust me, I hear you--this month provides a great opportunity for gratitude and reflecting on our relationships. And since I love plants, there’s nothing I’d rather give to my favourite people. This month, I thought I’d share three of my favourite ways I gift my love of plants to the people I care about most.

#1: Sharing Propagations

I love the act of sharing plant cuttings. It’s such a personal, thoughtful gesture! For someone to give me a cutting of a plant that they have nurtured makes me feel like they are trusting me with something precious. Cuttings from my favourite plants are the perfect way to show some love to my friends and family. This kind of gift costs nothing, shares a little something you love, and keeps on giving! This month, I’ll be gifting a handful of rooted cuttings to a good friend of mine in a propagation stand from the Plant Vitamins website. It’s the perfect display for a wall or a tabletop, and I love the way the glass tubes showcase the cuttings.

#2: The Gift of Plant Care

We all have someone in our life who could use an extra set of hands in the deep of winter. I love giving the gift of plant care to someone who could use it! I stop at the garden centre, pick up some potting soil, and swoop in with my Plant Vitamins in hand. This month I repotted my mom’s pothos, polished the leaves on her philodendron, and gave each of her houseplants a little dose of Thrive. Offering to take care of this little chore brings me joy, and takes one thing off of someone else’s plate. Everyone can use a little pampering now and then--plants and people alike!

#3: Bundling Up!

The easiest way to give the gift of a healthy houseplant is by gifting Plant Vitamins. I know it’s the middle of the winter, but I think that it’s the perfect time of year to give houseplants as gifts. We all need a little greenery in our lives, especially during the deep freeze known as February in Canada. I never gift a plant without an accompanying bottle of Thrive. My latest obsession has been the Double Bundle on the Plant Vitamins site--you can give one set of fertilizers, and keep the other set for yourself! You can also gift the Thrive & Boost bundle; this way, your friends and family will have everything they need going into the growing season. Nobody feels good when they kill a houseplant, and Plant Vitamins will help ensure that the houseplants survive as long as your friendship has.

The longer I’ve been a houseplant owner, the more it’s become clear to me that the act of sharing plants and plant knowledge is what this hobby is all about. I’ve learned some great tips and tricks from other planty people over the past year, and as I gain confidence (read: keep some plants alive) I get more and more excited to share my love of plants with those around me. I cannot wait until the spring, when I’ll start planning my summer garden. This brings a whole new opportunity to share planty things with other people: sharing seedlings, trading tips for healthy veggies, and planning and organizing garden spaces. Until then, I’ll keep sharing indoor plants with the hope that a little bit of green indoors will hold us off until we can feel the sunshine again. 

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