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It's Always Time To Flourish

Many of you may already be aware of our new venture Flourish, but for those who are not aware we opened a tropical plant store located in The Village at Pineridge just outside of Winnipeg, MB. It was a crazy spring and summer getting it all ready, but we are so excited with what we have created and even more excited about the guests and community we get to share the space with!

I won’t lie and say the whole process was fun or easy and that the business of Plant Vitamins wasn’t slightly neglected with everything else going on, but the result was well worth the sacrifice, and we are so excited to be able to connect with our plant community on a face-to-face basis moving forward. 

This blog is about more than just our new store though, it is about what the word Flourish means to us and how you can Flourish in your own life. Also, I recognize that I say “we” when I refer to the new store, as I may be the sole owner of Plant Vitamins, but Flourish is not just mine. Madi, Plant Vitamins' Operations Manager is also an owner of Flourish and without her this would not be possible! Now let’s get into it, what does Flourish mean, and how can you adopt simple thoughts to help yourself Flourish in your life.

Flourish – To grow and develop in a healthy way

This is the definition we use and our mission statement here at Flourish and it encompasses so much more than just the growth of the plants that we sell. It is such a great word and definition because it really can be tied into every single piece of what we do as a business and our personal lives.

It adds depth and balance over just having the desire to grow. It makes you think about the path and not just the destination and helps create the realization that Flourishing happens every day in the journey and not just when you get to the end! It is a reminder to choose healthy ways of growing, to choose depth, to choose the right path even if it’s the hard path, to choose acceptance of where you are, and embrace the unknown of where you are going.

Really, Flourishing has nothing to do with how great things are in one moment but instead a reflection of the choice to choose healthy growth in your life every day. So, remember when you feel like you’re not doing enough or you are never going to get to your goal, that one step in the right direction no matter how small is all you need to make today.

This is something that has helped me greatly over the past few years especially as an entrepreneur with a constant supply of ideas and big plans, but I think it is also universal as human natures tendency is to always want something better for ourselves and those around us!

So let us all Flourish today and everyday, lets recognize and celebrate other people flourishing, lets help and encourage people to flourish when they are struggling, and lets never forget that flourishing happens in the everyday and the mundane not at the destination or the completion of a goal. 


Zach Regehr

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  • Carmen Britton on Mar 30, 2023

    I love how you are using the store name Flourish. And We! I truly hope the store is doing well and prospering to help everyone! Hope 2023 is a happy, healthy one for you and yours! Blessings & happiness ~ Carmen

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