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How to Find the Perfect Pot for Your Plants

Picking a pot for your plants can be overwhelming! There are so many different types of pots, and many opinions on which is the best for your specific situation. We broke down our top tips for selecting the perfect pot for your plant, but remember these are just our tips! Feel free to pot however you feel is best for your lifestyle and space.

First, let's talk about pot size. Size does matter in this case! When repotting due to your plant growing and needing more space, we recommend choosing a pot that is 1 to 2 inches larger than the current size of the pot if the plant is currently in a 10 inch pot or smaller. 

If your current pot size is over 10 inches, choose a pot that is 2 to 3 inches larger in diameter. Repotting doesn’t always mean going bigger though. You can always repot a plant to change the soil to help your plant get new nutrients. In that case, the same pot or pot size is perfect.

Now that we know the size of your pot, we can talk about the material! There are 2 main types of pots you can buy, terracotta and plastic. There are definitely benefits to each and it depends on what kind of plant parent you are! If you are an over-waterer, pots made from terracotta are a safer bet as terracotta can soak up excess water in the soil. You may also want to find a pot with drainage holes if you tend to over water as well. 

If your watering style tends to be on the under-watering side, plastic pots are a safer bet as they will not soak up any excess water and retain the moisture in the soil for longer. If you love the style of a certain pot but you don’t feel it is a right fit for your plant, don’t be afraid to double pot. You can always slide a plastic potted plant into a larger terracotta pot if you prefer that style, or vice versa.

We hope these tips have helped you find the perfect pots for your plant family. Remember to read into your specific plant’s needs, and know that every plant will be a little different. 

Comment your repotting stories below and let us know if you found this helpful! We love to hear from you. If you have any topics you would love to see covered next on the blog, let us know below and we’d be happy to incorporate! 

Until next week, the Plant Vitamins Team.

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