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Go Big or Go…Small?

I finally decided it’s time to get my dream plant. We all have a dream houseplant, don’t we? For me,  it’s a big, beautiful Monstera Deliciosa. I have been coveting this plant for months and months. I love to look at pictures of mature Monstera on social media (I even follow #MonsteraMonday), and I have invested time researching how to take care of this gorgeous tropical plant. I know the right temperature to keep my home in order to please my Monstera (above 65 degrees) and am ready to provide the little things that will help it thrive (humidity, Plant Vitamins, and a moss pole!). 

So the time has come to pull the trigger, and I have found myself considering the same things over and over: size, cost and seller. My mind keeps weighing my options.

Should I invest in a mature Monstera, or buy a small one? And, for that matter, should I purchase from a nursery, or look for someone selling cuttings or rehoming a plant? Should I order the plant online, or buy it in person? 

These days, thanks to supply and demand, plant prices are going through the roof. That’s why it’s worth considering all of my options before investing in any plant off my wish list. Trust me--this is the farthest thing from an impulse buy, and I want to make sure I do it right! 

Investing in a Monstera Deliciosa that is already mature seemed ideal to me at first. It would have big, beautiful leaves with the shape and drama that made me fall in love with this plant in the first place. And, considering that I’m a relative newbie to the world of houseplants, I could rest assured that it would be solid enough to withstand a bit of stress. I wouldn’t have to fuss over a large Monstera; these plants are so hearty that even if I place it in the wrong spot in my house, I’d be able to spot any signs of distress early enough to make adjustments. 

On the flip side, buying a big plant comes with a big price tag. If there’s anything I’ve learned about this hobby, it’s that you have to be strategic, or you can end up spending a lot of money on houseplants. One way to combat a costly plant’s price tag is by thrifting online; sometimes there are great deals on plants that are being sold by their owners. The catch is that if you buy directly from a plant owner, you have to be savvy enough to spot any pests (Monstera can acquire pests just like any other plant, and I am still not well versed in thrips or scale). Given my lack of experience, I knew that my best bet is to go with a reputable business. 

Once I settled on purchasing my Monstera from my local nursery, I had to decide what size I would buy. The great thing about buying a small plant is that you get to watch it grow. You can learn along the way what works for the plant, and what doesn’t. It doesn’t take up as much space as a mature plant, which is great for apartment dwellers or those who are already giving a significant amount of their real estate to their plant collection (me!). In the end, I went with a six inch pot. The price was right, and I have all the time in the world to watch my beautiful little monster grow. 

I know, I know, I ‘ve spent more time thinking about this than anybody should. But isn’t that the beauty of a hobby that you love? Thinking about houseplants brings me just as much joy as tending to them. I consider myself a curator of a beautiful collection of greenery, and I am having a ton of fun along the way.

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