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Giving Back: How We Are Doing Our Part

Our team truly loves plants and the world-wide communities that plant parents of all kinds have formed. These communities tend to be an inspiring, safe and helpful place where many people can gather and chat about themselves and their plants. We have found that at their core, many are about creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle that ourselves (and our plants) can be proud of and thrive in and Plant Vitamins’ exists to exemplify and host spaces with these same characteristics in mind.

One of our biggest goals as a company is to help share as much information as possible about plants, the care they need and why it is important to have plants around us daily. We want to help teach beginners the basics and help expert plant parents keep their plants healthy along the way. While plants are our thing, as a team we are passionate about so many other areas as well. Entrepreneurship and e-commerce, volunteering, providing resources of all kinds, spreading awareness, and providing a little laugh here and there, are all things we want to talk about and share as a business to ultimately help people as much as possible.

As we have grown over the years, you have grown and stayed with us and for that we are extremely grateful. To continue providing help where we can, Plant Vitamins has started a monthly charity program to give back to various communities while also helping our customers' plants flourish. 

About the Program

Each month we will be selecting a charity to be our monthly feature. As we want to provide another platform to them to share information on who they are and what they do, we will be sharing a feature on them. We want our community to learn more about these charities and why they do what they do and how you can help. 

$1 from each unit sold that month will go directly to that charity. Therefore with each purchase of an item, you know that part of your money will go to supporting that particular cause. 

February Charity

Our first charity was Siloam Mission. 

At Siloam Mission, hope begins with a meal. Siloam Mission is a Winnipeg, MB based charity focused on helping support the homeless community by giving those in need a shelter, meals, access to personal hygiene equipment, such as showers and washing machines, and much more. 

“By first meeting basic needs, we can then help someone look towards a brighter future with access to our wide array of holistic services and community. With your donation, we can continue to offer hope, recovery, and transition to those most in need.”

With your help, we have totalled $1,260. With a few days left in February we are hoping to see this number climb before donating it to Siloam Mission.


For more information about Siloam Mission you can visit their website here:

Donate directly to Siloam Mission here:

Volunteer for Siloam Mission by yourself or in a group here:


Future Features

If you have a charity you support or would like to see be part of our program, please feel free to message us on social media or email our team!

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