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3 Uses for Plant Vitamins That Might Surprise You

I love a good multi-use product. A lipstick that doubles as a blush? Yes please. A high chair that converts into a booster seat? Sounds like a good investment to me. I’m trying to pare down and think intentionally when I’m shopping. It’s important that the home goods I buy are powerhouses that can accomplish more than one thing. I’ll admit, some companies promise the world, but fall a little short. For example, my husband has a pair of cargo pants that zip off into shorts that, while functional...lack a certain cool factor. But trust me when I say that I was excited to learn that Plant Vitamins can be used in a variety of ways that have turned out to be super useful to me. 

#1: Propagations

I’m definitely new at this. I’ve successfully propagated pothos and ficus, but am also willing to admit that I failed miserably at propagating my jade plant. But let me tell you, when it’s successful, it’s very satisfying! I love the process of taking a cutting from a plant and watching a whole new plant take shape. I place my propagations in water, because I find it to be the easiest method. I love using a glass jar, so that I can see the progress of the little roots as they grow! If you plan on using water for your propagations, it’s important to note that water alone doesn’t contain the nutrients that your little plant ultimately needs to thrive. Once my propagations start growing some roots--especially if I’m planning on keeping them in water for an extended period of time--I like to add a drop of Thrive to the water each time I change the water in the jar. 

#2: Seedlings

During the home stretch of our long, Canadian winters I love starting seedlings for my veggie garden. It reminds me that the seasons will eventually change, that that we will soon be outside in the sunshine with dirt under our fingernails! Since I have to begin sowing some seeds indoors fairly early, they need a little extra love to keep them strong and healthy before the warmer months roll around and it’s time to transfer them into the ground. I was thrilled to find out that Plant Vitamins are safe for veggie gardens. Since it’s natural and organic, I don’t hesitate to use it on our seedlings: I add Thrive right into my watering can. 

#3: Fresh Cut Flowers

There is nothing better than fresh cut flowers. I love them in my kitchen, on my nightstand, and even on our bathroom counters. Helping them last as long as possible is always a priority. Whether you’ve used up the packet of “flower food” that comes from the florist or you picked the flowers yourself, Plant Vitamins are a great way to feed your bouquet. Adding a few drops to the water in the vase can help to give your fresh cut flowers the nutrients they’re searching for. 

Have you tried any of the uses I’ve listed above? Are there any alternative uses to Plant Vitamins that you’ve discovered? I’d love to hear about them. Come find us on our most recent Instagram post, or leave a comment below!

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