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Q: Are Plant Vitamins safe to use on vegetables and outdoor gardens?

A: Yes, both Plant Vitamins formulas THRIVE & BOOST are completely safe and very beneficial for your produce, and outdoor gardens. The same formulas are used on organic farms and are great for flowering plants as well. 

Q: Is this formula safe for my children and my pets? 

A: Both Plant Vitamins formulas are pet and child safe, they are 100% organic, non toxic and do not irritate skin. Not for human consumption 

Q: How do I use Plant Vitamins?

A: Plant Vitamins are concentrated liquid fertilizers and need to be diluted into water for effective absorption into the soil and roots. Add the formula directly to your watering container and water as normal. 

Q: What are the proper dilution amounts for each fertilizer? 

Thrive: Dilute 1ml of the fertilizer to every 1L of water for regular watering. You can use Thrive 2-4 times a month or every other watering through spring and summer and reduce to 1-2 times monthly during fall and winter. For extremely sensitive plants, you can reuse the dilution to 0.5ml to every 1L

Boost: Dilute 5ml of the fertilizers into 1L of water for reporting, moving or during times of new growth. Add the fertilizer at the end of your normal watering. We recommend that you use this fertilizer up to once a month through the spring and summer when your plants are producing lots of new growth. For plants that are sensitive to phosphate, you can reduce the dilution.

Q: How often should I use Plant Vitamins?

A: Plant Vitamins THRIVE is designed to be used with regular watering throughout spring and summer reducing to every second or third watering through fall and winter. Plant Vitamins BOOST is designed for when your plant is putting out new growth, use up to twice a month through spring and summer and only when new growth is visible. 

Q: How should I best store my Plant Vitamins?

A: The best storage space for our bottles are in the cooler, dark space. This will make the shelf life of our 100% organic products last much longer. Depending on the area, keeping them on your counter on display will be find as well!